Ladies Styling (Polterabend)

LADIES STYLING – polterabend

A polterabend is a “once in a lifetime” event. With a Ladies Styling Salsa lesson you can make this event even more unforgettable and fun. The energetic music and the sensual dance makes salsa a perfect ingredient for a memorable “polterabend”.

Give Your best friend an amazing experience! It will make her happy and when you do something new and fun together that is inspiring all of you, you will remember the day as a very special experience. L.A. Ladies styling (SALSA) is fun! Music and dance provide energy and vitality, good humor and easy to laugh, shaking you together and loosen up, so you feel Your body is “alive”.

I am looking forward to dance with you in Aarhus C

SALSA-spins Ida :-)


Send me an e-mail and I will let you know if I can that special day.

When you get an e-mail from me with a yes – please book the same day, then you know the time will be yours :-)

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Glamorous feeling of LA ...


Check out Ida's ladies workshop :D I danced many times with her, she is a true LA style salsa dancer and I could feel that she's been to the dance scene in Los Angeles. Her styling is authentic LA styles salsa on1 with the flamboyance and elegance, best thing is she focuses on spins which is a very important essence of LA style on1 salsa. It is not just on2 mambo converted to on1 they call crossbody but it's about the glamorous feeling of LA and Hollywood and the spacing when you hit the beat that makes it like a show or the theatrics of the West Coast Swing from the west coast USA. It's not a show off thing it's the feeling and the rush in your heart of hitting the downbeat of the music that appears as an awesome show. :D

Orlan Matthewson
Los Angeles, CA, United States

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